Are you a small to medium-sized business owner that is not accounting savvy? Are your efforts better focused on activities to grow your business than do accounting? Looking to get a better understanding of your business and how to improve profitability? Answer yes to any or all? Check out Insightz!!!! Insightz will help you get the work done accurately and on time. However, what sets Insightz apart from the competition is that they will help you understand your business better by turning your data into relevant and useful information that will help guide your decision-making and improve the overall health and profitability of your business.

The best part about having David work with you is that he speaks both accounting and human and is an excellent translator that will explain things to you in ways that you can easily understand and implement. As a CPA myself I have very high standards and expectations for how things should be accomplished, so I was hesitant to bring in outside help to assist my 2-person team for a few weeks while I was looking to hire new staff. 1.5 years, and a few hires that did not work out, later I have been very pleased to still be working with David and his team at Insightz.

The Insightz Team consistently demonstrates ownership for the quality and timeliness of our results and as result are not just an addition to our team, they have become a part of our team.

Their knowledge, dedication and responsiveness, combined with a conscientious and inquisitive approach, enable them to get the job done accurately and on time. Insightz has helped us to work more efficiently and effectively by not only helping us identify issues but more importantly by providing us with long-term solution(s) to our issues.

If you read this far I would recommend you have a chat with David today… you won’t be disappointed that you did!!!

Jeff Lewis, CPA

Comptroller and Business Manager, Crestview Strategy