When you need it most


Without premium prices

With Insightz, you get the benefit of premium expertise – from licensed, trained professionals – without paying premium prices. We offer clients more than just bookkeeping and basic reporting. Our certified professional accountants provide part-time CFO or controller services, giving you the extra support you need to grow your business without the cost of a full-time employee.

Early in the development of your business, your accounting needs may be limited, and with an Insightz bookkeeping solution in place, we can maintain the hygiene of your business, taking care of all your monthly compliance needs. But you will need additional support to reach your full potential, and the more you grow, the more complicated your finances become. If the cost of a full-time CFO or Controller seems out of reach, Insightz is the perfect balance of service and savings. Once you’ve experienced what we have to offer, you’ll understand the Insightz difference.


If you are ready for a more comprehensive approach, our controller services provide strategic guidance in several additional areas
  • Advanced reporting and interpreting of monthly financial results
  • Identifying key performance indicators
  • Incorporating non-financial metrics to better understand your business
  • Cashflow forecasts to help pursue opportunities and anticipate challenges
  • Preparation for an audit or review engagement
  • Support for your accountants
  • Assistance with deals/transactions and buy-sell support
  • Special reporting for boards, stakeholders and grants
  • Support for financing, covenants or special obligations
  • Special services and analysis on an as-needed basis