Many companies are equipped to set up your accounting system and reconcile accounts, but the experts at Insightz go further with advanced business analysis. We dissect data, create reports and share our findings – to support your everyday business decisions. As a virtual accounting services firm, Insightz leverages cloud-based accounting and financial solutions to deliver freedom and mobility for your organization.

Rather than simply maintain your books, we aim to achieve maximum clarity –eliminating confusion when it comes time to file your taxes or check your records. To ensure clients experience optimal results, we put every document through a six-stage process that delivers the Insightz difference.

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When you work with Insightz, you always have an independent accountant available to you, without paying to hire someone full-time. Any time you need great business solutions, our diverse team of experts is there to help.

At Insightz Accounting Services, we acknowledge the importance of environmental sustainability and embrace our responsibility in improving and protecting the environment. As a virtual firm, we are in a better position to minimize our impacts and we always take active steps to conserve resources, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our overall environmental performance. In addition, we encourage team and client feedback in all areas, embracing a constant spirit of progress and evolution.

We also believe it is important to support and remain active in the communities we serve. In addition to volunteering our time and encouraging community efforts from members of our team, we make donations to charitable organizations through our monthly program of active giving, maximizing our positive impact.

Experience you can trust

Is it hard to find good help?

Finding the right bookkeeper can be difficult. At Insightz, we build a relationship with every client, going out of our way to understand their individual needs. This puts us in an ideal position to anticipate, meet and even exceed expectations. This is only possible because we have an experienced team of bookkeeping professionals who serve clients with time-tested expertise and the latest in cloud-based accounting technology.

How will I know you are doing a good job?

At Insightz, we focus on building clear, accurate books CPAs love. We choose not to provide year-end audit and tax services, as our many years of experience have taught us the value of focusing on the accounting services businesses need throughout the year. When it comes time to meet with an accountant and file your taxes at the end of the year, we won’t be directly involved, but you will see the benefits of our diligent, reliable work. As you make adjustments and work through other recommendations, we will be standing by your side, ready to support as needed.



Our cloud-based accounting solutions offer real-time access to your information and allow you to connect with our team anytime, anywhere.


We provide apps that allow clients to easily access information and focus on the important stuff, rather than waste time on routine tasks.


Our packages allow small businesses to choose the level of involvement – monthly, weekly or daily – that works best for them.


With a skilled CPA always at your disposal, you will reduce the burden on your team, minimizing the inconvenience of staff turnover and training.


With a skilled CPA always at your disposal, you will reduce the burden on your team, minimizing the inconvenience of staff turnover and training.


In order to support your next big thing, we offer coaching, business analysis and other resources to help with special projects.

The client onboarding process

1. Complete the questionnaire

The Discovery Questionnaire only takes two or three minutes, but it gives us the basic details we need – including your contact information and details about the state of your business – to get the ball rolling.

2. The kickoff meeting

Conducted over the phone or via email, the kickoff meeting allows us to better understand your business, so we can develop a customized service package that serves your needs. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have.

3. Share all the details

After our first meeting, you will receive a welcome package with details about us and we will request details from you, including your most recent tax return. This will give us everything we need to move forward and create a customized solution for your business.

4. Your customized package

Once we have exchanged information, we will prepare a proposal for your company. This will include details of your customized service package, the apps that will work best for you and a payment plan for your business.

5. Second meeting

Once you have reviewed the details of your custom service package, you will join us – and one of our accounting professionals – for a second meeting. This is your opportunity to ask questions about your package and suggest any changes or additions.

6. The complete setup

Once you have agreed to the terms of your package and signed on, we will start your company’s setup in our systems and apps. We will also set you up with a workflow system, a payment system and schedule a series of appointments to get you started.

7. Complimentary training workshop

Once your setup is complete, it’s time for you to see your new systems. We offer our new clients a complimentary one-on-one training session, where we make your life easier by showing you how the systems work.

8. Let the fun begin

Now that your accounting needs have transitioned over to your team, we are ready to take over the tedious tasks, so you can kick back and enjoy the freedom our services provide. Welcome aboard!

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