Paul Lansbergen
Executive Director Fisheries Council of Canada

Insightz allows me to focus on all the other issues with full confidence that our financials are well in hand. They also did a great job in our transition to QBO. Their virtual services are virtually invaluable! Thanks David and Elsa.

Jeff Lewis, CPA
Comptroller and Business Manager, Crestview Strategy

With Insightz, we always receive a rapid response to our queries – usually in an hour or less – and they are always available for meetings, whether the matter in question is urgent or not. In addition, their pricing is reasonable and we know there will never be a delay in our month-end financials. Working with an accounting firm has never been easier.

Wesley Griffith
Treasurer, Canadian Mineral Processors Technical Society

The Insightz team has been handling our bookkeeping and monthly HST NETfile for several years and it has been an awesome experience working with them. They respond promptly to any concerns we have and ensure the work is always done in a timely fashion and presented in a professional manner. Working with Insightz has been a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend them to others.
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Denise Allen, BBA, MBA, MM
President & CEO, Food Processors of Canada

Insightz helped us move to a virtual, real-time accounting system that greatly reduced administrative time and expense for banking, invoicing, expense management and reporting. They have always been available to answer questions and offer expert analysis, making them a trusted and essential part of our team.

Linda Flynn
Rotary Club of Ottawa West, Treasurer

Thanks to the efforts of Insightz, bank reconciliation that used to take us an hour or more can now be completed in minutes or even seconds. We’ve never had a clearer picture of our financial position on every account and the level of support we receive gives us real peace of mind.

We care about our customers!

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