“I love the flexibility of being able to work anywhere… Anytime. I like learning about our clients and what makes their businesses tick, what issues they are facing and how to help make their business run more efficiently. And of course, the tech and apps are great!”

“Working from home really allows for the perfect work life balance, in a collaborative environment where employees can really grow… It’s an amazing team of individuals working together and always being open to new ways of collaborating…. Such a fun environment!”

“My favourite thing about Insightz is my coworkers and how supportive they have been to my continuing growth in this industry. I am able to constantly learn new tricks to provide clients with the best support available to them.“

“At Insightz I get to work with a great team everyday to help our clients be their best and I love getting to play a part in their success.”

“Working previously in a mid-sized accounting firm, I wasn’t sure what to expect moving to a full-time virtual position with Insightz.  But I couldn’t be happier, with all of the necessary equipment supplied, an amazing group of clients, a great set of processes and applications and an awesome team of co-workers, makes my job so…